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The Albert Dock is known to be a complex of warehouses and dock buildings that are in the city of Liverpool in England. The docks were designed by Philip Hardwick and Jesse Hartley, and in the year 1846, they were opened. It was the very first structure in Britain to be built which was of brick, cast iron, and stone. Also, there was no structure that was made out of wood. This is what made it become a non-combustible warehouse system that could be in the entire world.

A revolutionary docking system

When the Albert Dock was constructed, it was first considered to be a revolutionary docking system mainly because it was used in the loading and unloading of ships to and from the different warehouses. Two years after its first opening, it was modified in some ways so that it could be the very first hydraulic cranes in the world. The design of the Albert Dock and the security that it was able to provide made it very accessible. Its popularity grew mainly because it was an area in which people could store cotton, sugar, brandy, their valuable cargos, tea, ivory, tobacco, and silk.

Unfortunately, even though the design of the Albert Dock was advanced, the changing development in the shipping industry meant that changes had to be made. As the years went by, there was the need for open docks even though it remained to be a valuable storage for cargo.

During the Second World War, the Dock was requisitioned by people who were known as the Admiralty who was then serving in the British Atlantic Fleet boats that were at the base. In the year 1941, the air raids that take place on Liverpool ended up damaging the complex. There was also a lot of financial problems that were faced as a result of the war that took place. This was also one of the main reasons as to why the future of the Dock was uncertain because of no one knew if it was going to be able to recover after the war.

A major attraction for tourists in the city of Liverpool

Today, the Albert Dock is known to be a major attraction for tourists in the city of Liverpool. It is also one of the areas that are visited mostly by many people in the United Kingdom that are outside London. It is also a very vital component of the UNESCO which is in Liverpool.

Due to its high popularity as mentioned earlier, The Albert Dock can receive a lot of visitors and tourists both local and international all of them wanting to have an idea of how the Dock came to be. The history of the Dock is also a significantinterest to many people.

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