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The Liverpool cathedral is open to the public throughout the year. Visitors can be able to visit the cathedral between 8am and 6 pm. If you want to go there to worship, the main worship days are on Sunday between 8am in the morning and noon. If you are not able to join the worshipers at the cathedral, then it would also be a good idea for you to save a date and visit another day that is more convenient for you.

How you can be able to get the very best from your visit to Liverpool Cathedral

The workers at the Liverpool Cathedral always want to make sure that their visitors are able to have the best time possible. The cathedral also has regular worship whereby entry may be restricted when the service is going on so that they can be able to avoid as much distraction as possible. For the cathedral to be able to offer their regular congregation the best service, they tend to receive visitors between 8 am in the morning and 12 noon on Sundays. Visitors are always welcome to join in the prayers otherwise if you do not want to worship, it is best advised that you do not visit the cathedral during the morning hours.

Will the visit that you’re planning to make be affected?

For you to be able to avoid any inconveniences, it is advisable that before you go ahead and visit the cathedral that you first take the time to find out on the worship pages of the cathedral. By visiting the Liverpool Cathedral website and going to their worship pages, you can be able to find out if the date you’re planning to visit is going to be convenient.

Common questions about the cathedral of Liverpool

There are a number ofquestions that you may have in regards to the Liverpool Cathedral. Some of them have been mentioned below.

  • Do I need to book a tour so that I can get a guide?

You do not have to book a tour because all the guides are easily available at the Liverpool Cathedral free of charge. They are available for visitors from Monday to Saturday from 10 am and on Sunday at noon. However, if you are planning to visit as a large group, then it is advisable that you book.

  • How many people can be able to guide you through the cathedral?

The maximum number of individuals that one guide can be able to handle is 20. If you are coming as a group, it is advisable to make a booking as mentioned earlier so that the necessary plans can be made accordingly.

  • Do I have to pay to get a tour?

You do not have to pay, but the Cathedral just asks for a donation of around £3.00 for every person who is visiting.

Visit the Liverpool Cathedral

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