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The Cavern Club is a popular nightclub that is located in the city of Liverpool on 10 Mathew Street in England. The original club was opened in the year 1957, and it was initially known to be a jazz club. It, later on, became a popular place for rock and roll in the early 1960s. In the early years, the popular group known as the Beatles were able to play in the club. However, in the year 1973, the original Cavern Club was closed and was filled in during the construction that was taking place on the Merseyrail. The last band to play in the club was Focus, and they made their play just a few days before the club was closed.

In the year 1984 the month of April the 26th, the club was reopened and was able to come back with a difference. The clubwas built with a number of original bricks that were in the original plans during the very first original plans.

The early history of the Cavern Club

The club was first opened by Alan Sytner who did so after he was inspired by the jazz district which was in Paris. Sytner, later on, went back to Liverpool whereby he tried to look for the right location in which he could be able to open the club. He was, later on, able to find a warehouse whereby the leasing of cellars was taking place. However, before the leasing, the warehouse was been used as a kind of air raid shelter during the World War 2. The first band that was able to perform during the opening of the club was a jazz band known as Merseysippi Jazz. The poster for the opening of the club was made by a local artist known as Tony Booth. Shortly after he made the first poster, he went ahead to become the original poster for all the performances that were taking place in the club.

What started as a simple jazz club eventually grew to become a favorite hangout for the groups known as skiffle. As years went by, the club kept on becoming famous and widely known by the people who were living in Liverpool. Soon after, the Cavern Club become a must place.

The Beatles and other bands that played at the Cavern Club Liverpool

On the year 161, Feb the 19th, the Beatles were able to make their first appearance after they took a trip back to Liverpool. However, their performance on stage was faced with a lot of challenges with some people thinking that all they were doing is listening to a German band out of nowhere. After some months and years, the Beatles were able to make a total of 292 appearances for the club which was what made them famous.

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